Hot Tubs - Dream Series

"Get the party started!"


6 seats

From its large square design with seating for six (6), to its long list of standard luxury features, the Fiji luxury hot tub is a wonderfully-relaxing way to enhance your home as well as your health.  Measuring 93″ (or 7’9) on all four sides, the Fiji was specifically designed to provide ample space and a host of luxury and comfort features.  Its six seats include a total of three contoured bucket seats, one lounge, one captain’s chair and an open bucket seat; perfectly suitable for groups, couples or individuals.

From the digital control center, you and your very lucky guests can power on the Fiji’s strategically designed orchestra of up 123 jets.  This includes a total of up to 65 hydrotherapy jets, in addition to the optional 58 dedicated air spa massage jets for soothing, circulating relief.  Step in, get comfortable, and experience the difference that Crown Spas beings to every hot tub.