Hot Tubs - Dream Series

"Visit your day spa without an appointment"


6 seats

As one of Crown Spas’ most prestigious hot tubs, the Reno luxury hot tub spa features a square design with spacious seating that can accommodate up to six (6).  It measures a commanding 7’2 on all four sides (86″), which provides the perfect amount of space for the Reno’s six seats.  This includes three deep-contoured buckets, two extended lounge seats, in addition to an extra-wide bucket seat positioned directly in the spa’s center side.

You power on the jets, and poof… just like that, everything changes.  The incomplete notions of what you presumed a hot tub should be are gone, as the surge of targeted jets massage and soothe away aches you didn’t even realize existed  With up to 65 uncompromising hydrotherapy jets and up to 50 optional air massage outlets, the Reno is what lesser hot tubs aspire to be.