PDC Swim Spas Features & Options

PDC Swim Spas and Fitness Spas are where innovation and fitness meet for a new approach to a healthier, happier lifestyle. With 60 years of manufacturing expertise, PDC Spas delivers a flawless performance of patent pending design and customer driven features for swim and fitness spas that deliver decades of enjoyment and wellness.

Whether you are an athlete in training, fitness enthusiast, seeking joint pain relief or relaxation and a healthier approach to life, there is a model for you.


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Form & Function


For an unsurpassed swimming and fitness experience, turn to the patent pending dual propeller design of the TruSwim™. To create the widest swim path available, dual hydraulic propellers are positioned side by side for an even resistance and water flow. Measuring nearly 42” wide and delivering nearly 5,000 gallons per minute, the TruSwim™ swim path is the widest and strongest, leading all swim spa technology.

As water is propelled through the honeycomb grates, it emerges turbulence-free and smooth for a balanced propulsion; the perfect condition for aquatic fitness. This technology generates a continual resistance and powerful current that provides exceptional balance and an ideal environment for athletes of any fitness level.

From start to finish, the TruSwim™ design delivers a turbulent-free and effortless course for the swimmer.

With a unique shell design, the propelled swim current remains separate from the returning water flow thanks to the straight sidewalls and end bullnose shape. This bullnose design splits the swim current evenly, creating a natural return path back along the smooth sidewalls to the propulsion suctions. This unique flat wall design is a symbol of manufacturing expertise and performance excellence, offering the ONLY unobstructed swim path on the market.

Athletes of all levels from marathon swimmers to competitive swimmers, compared TruSwim™ units to others and hands-down agreed the unique patent pending prop design provided an unparalleled experience.

M Series Cabinetry

In a sea of look-alikes, the exclusive M Series Cabinet™ stands apart with designer cabinet touches of contrasting trim and rounded corners.

Contemporary earth tones in Graphite Gray or Espresso Brown complement your home in style. The vivid Lucite® acrylic Sterling Silver Marble finish and stainless steel Reflections Jets™ create an inviting sanctuary of beauty and practicality.

Swim Spa Steps

Contemporary, stylish and sturdy, the PDC Spas swim spa steps feature stainless cable rail, thick metal posts and finishes complimenting the PermaWood™ cabinet; Graphite Gray or Espresso Brown. Measures an ample 41”W x 69”H x 62”D


Simple to use and easy to navigate, our Neo 2100 Series menu-driven control center has all the features for frustration-free, reliable operation. From temperature to power to filtration, you choose the function that best suits you, for the ultimate in relaxation or a challenging fitness session.

Match your training level with the push of a button on the Neo, and you’re off. Set the control when you begin your session; no need to pause or get out of your swim spa during your workout. The Neo does it all for you!

With up to 10 programmable sessions, you can increase or lower the resistance at timed intervals for a routine that is unique to you! As you excel, adjust your level of intensity, speed and time to reach your goals and beat them!


Tension and stress affect everyone differently which is why all of our swim spa collections include hydrotherapy seating to further promote health and healing at home. Using a jetted current to manipulate and knead muscles, our massage therapy seats are designed to soothe away the stress of the day leaving you more relaxed and better rested.

Ease into a sculpted therapy chair to release back and shoulder tension with a powerful deep tissue massage. To target large problem areas, easily maneuver and adjust the interchangeable stainless jets or let a strategic collection of smaller jets loosen pressure points.

Warm up calf and leg muscles prior to your workout in the reclined massage chair or let the RX6™ standing massage column captivate you with therapeutic jets focused on shoulder, hip, oblique and lower back muscles. With the turn of an air valve, you can raise or lower the intensity of your massage for a customized relaxation experience that will calm your body and mind.


Our green-minded energy saving innovation recycles trapped warmed air from pump waste heat to efficiently keep your swim spa warm and ready, regardless of season and at a minimum of cost.

Warmed air is trapped within the cavity behind the cabinet walls and the insulated TemperBase™ floor keeping the plumbing and shell warmed, performing much like a Thermos.

All PDC Spas swim spas are standard with this unique design making them significantly lighter in weight than foam-filled units for a much easier installation, hook-up and long-term care and operation.

The TemperLok™ design continues to insulate and provide an efficient means to future servicing for the life of ownership. Simply remove a cabinet sidewall revealing quick access to components and plumbing for quick maintenance and repair. Reposition the wall without compromising this insulation design, continuing to save on operation for years to come.


Complete the good looks and efficiency of your swim spa with our ASTM approved safety locking thermal cover. Keep the heat in and the unwanted out! 3 year warranty.


A pair of black metal Cover Shelf lifters attach easily on each end of the swim spa for effortless cover moving. Swing the arms open to support each cover half off the end of your swim spa. When your relaxation, fitness session is complete, push the cover back into place, fold close, secure the latches and swing your Cover Shelf arms close.


Enhance your evening soak or swim with the multi-colored LED Highlights Lighting™ system. Standard on both the Synergy and TruSwim® Series swim spas, this collection of soft glowing pinpoint underwater lights and 6 lit cascading water spouts will enhance the sights and sounds of your backyard. *Cascading water spouts are not available on the Vitality Series™


Your new outdoor oasis will without doubt be the envy of the neighborhood with the optional LED Eclipse Lighting™. The designer M Series™ designer cabinet is highlighted with 16 cabinet sconces creating a beautiful glow on your new swim spa adding style and elegance as you enjoy a starry night just a little bit longer.

*12 Cabinet sconces on Vitality Series™ swim spa models.

BlueTune™ Music System

Set the mood for relaxation or a friendly gathering as you manage the playlist and music volume conveniently from inside or out of the swim spa with any smart phone or mobile device.

Marine grade speakers, an in-cabinet subwoofer and audio transducers turn your swim spa into a natural amphitheater for enjoyment with our BlueTune™ Music System.


WAVE Wireless Connectivity

Set your swim spa to vacation or weekend mode to save energy and operation costs while you’re away or turn up the heat and turn on the lights as you pull into the garage. With WAVE wireless, your swim spa is ready at the swipe of a fingertip for a late night workout or stargazing session.

Crystal Clear & Pure

The PDC EverPure2™ sanitizer produces pure ozone and powerful hydroxyl radicals to instantly clean your swim spa water as the pump circulates.

The EverPure2™ ozone and UV-C system naturally destroys organic and inorganic contaminants, safely leaving your spa water fresh and clear.

With EverLite2™ exclusive to PDC Spas, we further your confidence in knowing your swim spa is clean with our cabinet mounted EverLite2™ indicator.

A bright light appears when your unit is filtering and simultaneously treating with ozone and UV-C.

Aquatic Fitness Equipment

PDC’s AquaPak™ fitness equipment is designed to deliver the total body effects of aquatic exercise without the added expense or inconvenience of bulky underwater equipment.

This unique fitness system is economical and simple to use all in the privacy of your own home or backyard. Being active in the natural buoyancy of water is fun and refreshing, encouraging you to return to the water every day in any season. Keeping your mind and body at peak performance has never been easier or more satisfying.

Resistance Training with Maximum Results
The versatile AquaForce™ system offers a range of exercises to target upper body and core muscle groups.

Build Endurance, Strength
AquaCross™ tether system provides counter resistance and stability to boost your training effectiveness and improve swim technique.

Walk, Run, Jog with Ease
The non-slip MotionMat™ provides exceptional comfort and traction for all aquatic activities.

Stability and Balance
Ideal for a full range of agility exercises and stretches, AquaBars™ provide added balance and safety to your swim spa. This molded acrylic or stainless steel bar is located on the current side of each spa to promote balance and assist with a variety of underwater movements and exercises.