Powerpool RS2

Designed for the aquatic fitness enthusiast, the RS2 is a space effective PowerPool offering a complete array of aquatic fitness and hydrotherapy benefits. With 70 jets, 6 Turbo jets, 6 Turbo Swim jets, balance bar rails and optional PowerResistance exercise kit, a complete full body aquatic workout is always challenging. Walk, jog, or run against the Turbo Swim jets for an aerobic workout or tone and define muscles using the PowerPool’s unique resistance training system.

Whether it is used to rehabilitate injuries, build muscle, lose weight, or simply relax, the RS2 is the complete hydrotherapy and aquatic fitness solution.


  • Length: 366cm
  • Width: 228cm
  • Height: 127cm
  • Depth: 119cm
  • Spa Seats: 7
  • Swim Volume: 5968 L
  • Weight (empty/full): 998/6717Kg
  • Electrical Requirements: 230V 2PH N PE

Standard Hydrotherapy Package

  • Jet Total: 81
  • Pump 1: 2Hp, 2Speed
  • Pump 2: 2Hp, 2Speed
  • Pump 3: 2Hp, 2Speed


  • Steel SubStructure
  • DuraMAAX Cabinetry
  • Molded Pan Bottom
  • BlueMAAX Insulation

Standard Features

  • Programmable Filter Cycles
  • Digital Color Optics
  • WiFi Connectivity
  • Stainless Steel Jets
  • Freeze Protection
  • Grab Bar: 1
  • Head Cushions: 2
  • 9cm Underwater Light: 2

Available Options

  • MP3/Bluetooth Stereo System
  • Exercise Kit with Power Oars
  • CleanZone
  • CleanZone II UV Sanitizer

Acrylic Colors for DT6: Silver Marble – Sahara
Skirting Colors for DT6: Mocha Grey