Endless Pools 

Since 1988, Endless Pools® has created products that change lives.
One Pool……..Endless Possibilities.

Indulge your playful side. Improve your swimming form and endurance. Feel the resistance of the smooth current as you run, walk, or exercise. Visit the ultimate wellness destination for aquatic therapy. Do it all from the comfort of your personalized pool.

Our pools enable healthy new habits, active family time, immersive therapy experiences, and world-class swimming.

Hundreds of thousands of people like you have used our compact pools to lose weight, cross-train, recover, refresh, create lasting memories with loved ones … and of course, to swim in place with our signature adjustable current.

Having access to the therapeutic powers of water is key to long-term wellness and overall quality of life. To help bridge the gap between medical necessity and financial or other limitations, we created Endless Access. Our team doesn’t see barriers. We see opportunities to provide access—in a way that makes wellness accessible to everyone, including those in need.