Measuring For a Hot Tub or Spa Cover

Tools you’ll need:

Measuring Tape

Carpenter’s Square or a Ruler and a Straight Edge

Pencil & Paper

A helper

TIP  Always measure the widest points on the hot tub

Measuring the Size of Your Hot Tub

Measure the hot tub’s outer edge acrylic surface’s length and width, including any flare outs (lip to lip.) Your helper can hold the other end of the tape for accurate measurement.

You may add ½″ on both length and width measurements to add a little play around your cover.


Measuring the Corner Radius

Place a carpenter’s square on the outside corner of the Spa. The distance between the square’s the inside corner and the point where it first touches the Spa is the radius of your Spa’s curved corner.

Round your measurement down to the nearest inch. A smaller radius will always fit your Spa. A measurement that is too large may cause your cover to fit too tightly or not at all.


Bottom Flap or Skirt Measurement

Most hot tub covers are made with a skirt or flap. This is the skirt that hangs from the bottom of the cover. Skirts offer your cover some protection from natural elements, including dirt and debris. Standard is 3″, but they can vary depending on the acrylic lip’s width or if you have a cabinet railing.


Measuring Obstacles

Special provisions like air controls or other obstructions (like speakers) should be drawn with dimensions and maybe uploaded. You may upload your drawing using the form below.

TIP  To make a digital copy of your drawing for uploading, take a picture of the drawing with your phone or camera. Save the file on your computer. Then upload using the form below.



You must measure twice for accurate results. Remember, you are responsible for taking and submitting the measurements. Any errors will result in a cover that doesn’t fit, which is not the responsibility of Crown Spas & Pools. We will order the cover with the measurements you provide.

A. Vinyl

  • Manufactured by Enduratex Corporation specifically formulated for spa cover manufacturing
  • Available in 13 colors
  • Expanded vinyl (top material)
  • UV stabilized for 1500 hours on weathermeter
  • 28oz per linear yard
  • Backed with 100% polyester
  • Mildew and antimicrobial resistant
  • Fire retardant
  • Bottom laminate (underside)
  • 8oz single laminate with 100% polyester scrim
  • Chlorine and bromine resistant

B. Additional Materials

  • Zippers are #8 nylon with zinc coated slides to prevent corrosion
  • Covers are sewn with single strand coated and twisted 100% polyester thread
  • 5/32 welt cord is sewn around top perimeter to enhance appearance and increase seam strength
  • 4 secure key lock devices are sewn to straps to ensure safety and provide attachment of cover to spa cabinet

C. Features

  • Heat seals(2) are located at hinge area to prevent heat loss between halves of spa cover
  • All skirts are extended at hinge area to ensure complete coverage of acrylic and to aid in the prevention of heat loss
    • Specific stress areas of spa cover are reinforced with additional backing material
    • Handles and straps are lined with reinforcement material
    • Handle attachment assembly has 3 layers of reinforcement
    • Hinge is double layered and lined with reinforcement material at corners to prevent tearing
    • Interior bottom corners of cover at skirt extension are also reinforced for strength
    • All straps and handles are ‘’X’’ stitched for superior strength
  • Spa covers have an ‘’R’’ value of 19.7
  • All spa covers are UL approved as safety cover in accordance with ASTM 1345-91 95SJ

D. Insulation

  • E.S.P is manufactured with all virgin beads
  • E.S.P is tapered 4’’-2’’ in 1.1# density (unless specified)
  • E.S.P is heat shrunk in 2 mil plastic to prevent water absorption
  • E.S.P is reinforced with aluminum ‘’C’’ channel imbedded in 4’’ end of foam to provide addition center strength


When taking the measurements it is better to be a little over than a little under.

A half an inch too much in length will not make much of a difference; the cover will still fit; however, a half-inch too short in width or height and the hot tub cover will not fit well in the summer.


If your existing cover still fits well, you can use the measurements for verification purposes.

Note: Not recommended to use an existing cover for replacement measurements, as covers may warp or shrink over time.