From the moment you step into your new Bali LX hot tub from Crown Spas & Pools, you’ll understand why it remains one of our most sought after luxury hot tub spas.

From its spacious seating for seven—including an over-sized Captains Chair—to its strategically-positioned 67 hydrotherapy hot tub jets and optional 73 spa air massage jets (up to 140 jets in total!) The worries and cares of the day instantly vanish with each wave of leading-edge hydrotherapy, a state of bliss will follow. 


Bali LX Luxury Hot Tub

7 seats ~ up to 140 jets



  • Customizable Pump & Jet Packages
  • Crown Series Stainless Steel Jet Trims
  • Air Massage Blower
  • In.Touch2™ Wireless Controls
  • In.Clear™ Sanitation System
  • DEL Advanced Plasma Gap Ozonator
  • Delta UV Disinfection System
  • Northern Lights™ LED Lighting
  • LED Illuminated Cascading Spouts
  • Illuminated Drink Pads
  • Deluxe Thermal Locking Spa Cover
  • Custom Cabinet Options
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Specification Measurement
Dimensions 94″ x 94″ (239 x 239 cm)
Depth 39″ (99 cm)
Seating Capacity 7
Water Capacity 650 US gal (2460 Liters)
Weight 908/6108 lbs (412/2771 kg)
Jets up to 140 (up to 67 hydrotherapy and optional
73 spa air massage jets)

Dream Series Cabinet Colours

The cabinets of the Dream Series comes in two standard colours: Toffee and Coastal Gray.

Custom cabinets are available.

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