The Vita 100 Series Image hot tub is a compact four-person family hot tub with 22 stainless steel jets, offering a Vital Energy Insulation System and Freeze Protection.

If you’re looking for a spacious 2 seater, with an option for an extra 2, the Image is like a 2 + 2. You can lay back in either of the recliners or have kids or friends to join in the fun on the bench seat opposite.


Vita 100: Image Hot Tub

4 seats ~ 22 jets


Pump 1: 56 Frame 2-Speed 1.5Hp/3.0bHp
240V/30A/40A (4-Wire)
Illuminated Drink Holders
Excel-X™ Simulated Wood
Perma-Shield™ Bottom Pan
Vital Energy Insulation System
Freeze/Overheat Protection System
Halo Pro-Loc™ Stainless Steel Jets
Dynamic LED Lighting

  • CleanZone™ System

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Specification Measurement
Dimensions 82″ x 69″
Depth 32″
Capacity 4
Water Capacity  897 Liters
Weight 618/2586 lbs
Total Jets 22

Vita Spas Cabinet Colours

Made out of a high impact composite, Excel-X™ looks and feels like real natural wood. Excel-X™ is ecologically friendly, doesn’t weather or stain, and is virtually maintenance free.

(Available in Pecan, Gray and Mocha on 300 and 100 series models and Pecan Ridge, Resort Gray, and Modern Mocha on 700 and 500 series.)

Vita 300 + 100 cabinet options
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