Sunrise Spas Hot Tub Features & Options

With a wide selection of models to choose from, the Sunrise Spas hot tubs offer something for everyone. All Sunrise spas are manufactured with only premium quality materials and boast an extensive range of high-end features, making us your luxury spa choice.

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Galvanized SureSteel Frame

The Steel Sub-Structure has the highest strength to weight ratio of any building material available. The light-gauge steel frame provides greater structural integrity than wood and superior corrosion protection for much longer life.

Unlike wood, steel is dimensionally stable. It will not expand or contract with moisture; properties will never rot, warp, split or crack and eliminate worries of animal infestation or termite damage.

More substantial, more durable, and ideal for the environment – it’s the obvious choice for a lifetime of worry-free fun.

Capped Bottom Liner

Your new Sunrise Spa; designed to keep maintenance needs simple and the frame away from the cold, wet ground.

To protect your hot tub against moisture, insects and animals, we cap the tub’s entire bottom with a polyethylene base.

Layered ROXUL Insulation

Sunrise Spa’s insulates each Spa with a proprietary Green Guard Roxul Insulation.

This insulation method captures and recirculates the Spa’s heat energy throughout the interior cabinet, reducing the heater’s demand – saving you money.

Other benefits of our proprietary insulation:

  • Won’t absorb or retain moisture, like traditional spray foam insulation does, preventing mould and mildew build-up
  • Superior noise absorption makes Sunrise hot tubs some of the quietest spas on the market.
  • Is inorganic and will not provide a food source necessary for bacteria or small animals to consume

Lucite Acrylic Shell

In addition to superior strength and chemical resistance, acrylic maintains excellent weathering resistance, infrared/ultraviolet radiation, staining, and scratching.

Your new spa starts with a thermoformed Lucite Acrylic shell and then reinforced with a layered fibreglass/resin construction that boasts structural integrity and beauty. Benefits include:

  • Superior structural integrity and durability.
  • Chemical resistance.
  • Excellent resistance to weathering, infrared/ultraviolet radiation, staining and scratching.
  • The exceptional quality finish of the acrylic surface, enhancing the overall appearance.

Cabinet Panels

Your Sunrise Spa’s construction includes Polysteel cabinet panels with 6″ deluxe corners. Stain-resistant and fade-resistant, your cabinets will last a lifetime.

AquaNova™ UV + Ozone Spa Sanitizer

The AquaNova™ rapidly sterilizes 99.9% of all bacteria and viruses it comes in contact with. The sanitizer also eliminates chlorine by-products that cause skin and eye irritation.

With the use of technologies, the AquaNova™ combines ozone generation with UV-C sterilization to make your spa water safe and clean while reducing harsh chemicals.

Balboa Digital Controls

Our state-of-the-art digital control system brings reliability and ease of use to a whole new level with:

  • Convenient touch pads with easy to read back-lit LCD.
  • Patented M7(R) technology eliminates error prone mechanical switches by combining sensors and software to precisely monitor your spas water temperature.
  • Simple setup of filtration cycle for crystal clear water.

Deluxe Wi-Fi Systems Controller

Put your spa’s controls in the palm of your hand. Simply download the free app, sync to your home’s WiFi system and enjoy complete control. Preset temperature, set filter cycles or getting your spa ready from the comfort of your home before heading out to enjoy a relaxing spa experience.

MP3/Bluetooth Music System

Listen to your music anytime with the MP3/Bluetooth Music System. Either plug in directly or connect via Bluetooth and enjoy your favorite playlists from any mobile device. (Available on models with stereo option only.)


Speakers & Sub-Woofer

Two fully integrated speakers provide crisp clear fidelity for your listening enjoyment. Sound will resonate though the water from the powerful sub-woofer directly integrated into your spa’s structure.


Bluetooth Technology

Enjoy your favorite artists and playlists anytime with this easy to use stereo system. Simply sync any Bluetooth compatible device, slip into the soothing waters and enjoy your music. (Bluetooth available on models with stereo option only.)

Worry-Free No Leak Plumbing

The plumbing harnesses in Sunrise hot tubs are designed with optimal colour-coded hose arrangements that keep the spa cavity uncluttered; red hose for air lines and blue hose for water lines. Our Triple-Seal plumbing ensures each jet fitting will not leak and our straight-line plumbing is engineered for better water flow.

The spas are designed so you can have the most enjoyable spa experience possible with no worries about a leaky tub.